Our Services

boy  girl smiling1At New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc (NYTPS) our primary mission has always been caring for children.

We are dedicated solely to helping you and your child. We realize the most important expert to consult regarding the development of your child is you. If you are unsure about your child’s development in the areas of communication, gross and fine motor skills or social or emotional skills, call our specialists. We can inform you about the services and resources available for you and your child and assist you through the process.

Do you have concerns about your child’s development? Have you noticed that your child is not developing skills such as rolling over, crawling, communicating, sitting upright, feeding, listening or paying attention like other children? You may want to bring your concerns to your family doctor who may reassure you that your child’s development is within the normal developmental scales. If however, the doctor is concerned or you are still not comfortable with your child’s progress you may want to consider an evaluation.
Young children learn and develop differently. There are some children who require extra help. Early learning forms the basis for more complex skills. Sitting, holding an object, exploring and communicating are important foundations for the future acquisition of skills and competencies needed for school and adulthood. Intervening early has a tremendous impact on early learning.

We can help!